A totally necessary ‘analysis’ of Microsoft’s Xbox Live rebranding

As soon as in a blue moon, I’m struck by occasions so monumental that I’m compelled to sit down and hyperventilate right into a paper bag till black spots seem in my imaginative and prescient and the ache of existence dissipates right into a pinprick — one thing I needed to do at present as a result of Microsoft rebranded ‘Xbox Reside’ to ‘Xbox community‘.

Earlier than we delve into the evaluation this switch-up requires, let me pull out my powdery context bag and sprinkle it over your appalled-looking face.

Xbox Reside is Microsoft’s on-line and “digital media supply service.” In case you needed to truly play video games on-line, then you definately needed to subscribe to Xbox Reside Gold.

You might argue that the rebranding to Xbox community is only a approach of creating every of those companies’ goals clearer, but when that’s your argument, then Massive Invoice has gotten to you and it’s already too late for me to do something about that.

For the remainder of you, let’s crack open this rabbit gap and take a deep swig. (Maintain on, what?)

Rebranding Xbox Reside: the capital letter challenge

You discover this? It was Xbox Reside and now it’s… Xbox community. Reside to community. Look once more:

The place did the capital letter go? Who took it? Does it rely as kidnapping? Ought to I have interaction the authorities? Do I must blink in morse code?

Typically, title case is for fools and cowards, however this alteration of ‘Reside’ to ‘community’ feels incorrect, it’s as if one thing stunning and necessary has been wrenched away from me, from us, even.

And all I’ve to say about that’s nay. Or, ought to I say, Nay.

The rebrand to Xbox community: extra letters = higher

Whereas we might have misplaced a capital letter within the rebranding, there’s something we gained: letters. Now, I’m not a scientist, however I do know that MORE = BETTER. You’ll be able to’t disagree with that.

Now we’ve bought that bit out the best way, let me slip into my mathematician gown…

  • Reside = 4 letters
  • Community = seven letters

That’s a 75% size improve. This isn’t a quantity that you may simply make up, that is actual maths. We’re sooner or later.

Reside vs. community: what does it imply?

We’ve bought scientific, now it’s time to get literary.

At present, it seems that the rebrand of Xbox Reside to Xbox community is impartial, as every title had a optimistic level in its favor, however that’s all going to alter. Now, I don’t need to bounce to conclusions, however I believe rebranding to “community” over “Reside” exhibits that Microsoft is intent on turning us from impartial, residing and respiration creatures into merely tiny nodes of an enormous infrastructure so it might use our our bodies to energy big machines whose sole function appears to be farming individuals?

Or was that The Matrix? Anyway, inform me one good factor concerned with a “community?” LinkedIn? My level is confirmed.


Microsoft has rebranded Xbox Reside to Xbox community. That’s a truth.

What we don’t know is whether or not that is a part of a dastardly conspiracy to manage our minds and crush our spirits, or is only a approach of creating the Xbox ecosystem simpler to grasp. Really, that’s a lie — I do know. It’s the previous.

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Revealed March 23, 2021 — 14:20 UTC

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