Amazon Echo Hub: Two-minute review

I’m a huge Amazon fan when it comes to smart home products. ‘The variety of devices, and their affordability, the way they seamlessly with one another, and their seriously impressive Alexa capabilities won me over as soon as I started getting into smart home technology, and there’s a reason why Echo devices feature prominently on our list of the best smart speakers.

Overall, Amazon’s smart home devices offer excellent performance across the board, except for one vital area: smart home control. Don’t get me wrong, Alexa is a strong contender for the best smart home ecosystem, but generally speaking, control functions are the most under-serviced aspect of Amazon’s entertainment-first smart speakers and displays – or at least it was until the release of the Amazon Echo Hub. 

It’s an interesting move from Amazon; the Echo Hub blends some great features and functionalities that are already found in other Echo devices but adds a more sophisticated and stripped-back UI and some quality-of-life adjustments that make it one of the most attractive products in Amazon’s range of smart home controllers, and certainly one of the best smart displays available now – and I think that’ll be especially true for people who aren’t already onboard with Alexa-enabled devices.

(Image credit: Future)

In part, it’s due to the device’s design and UI, which feel distinctly more Google than Amazon. At a time when we’re potentially witnessing a slow and very quiet demise for Google’s smart home products, that’s a real boon for Amazon, and features like the soon-to-be-released Map View will also serve to delight smart home fans.

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