allows Android users to long-press an icon on the home screen to quickly see notifications from that app. With this feature, users can see any available notifications from an app by holding down on the icon in the launcher or grid. Doing this would show only one notification and an option for showing more. Apart from this, the function also allowed users to swipe away the notifications. However, this is expected to change with Android 14.

How Android 14 will change this function

According to a report by 9to5Google, Google has removed the ability to long press an icon on the home screen to quickly see notifications from that app with Android 14. In the latest version of Android, long pressing on an icon will show app shortcuts, as well as App info, Pause app and Widgets.

Since the floating list has stopped showing notifications, the other three shortcuts will now appear as a full list at the top instead of being merged. As per the report, Google likely introduced the tall list after it decided to remove the notifications part.

Google confirmed this change while running the Android 14 Beta Program in the summer. In August, the company explained that the removal of notifications was the new intended behaviour and that it “won’t fix.”

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The company also didn’t offer any reason for changing the functionality. However, Google may know about its usage stats and patterns.

Last month, Google started rolling out the stable version of Android 14 for Pixel devices. Since then, multiple users have reportedly asked the company to bring back the capability.

Apart from this, Google might not be planning to make any other major changes to the app long press menu in Android 14. After receiving user feedback, the company may decide to bring back the notification feature but the removal may not affect most users drastically.



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