Google is on the brink of rolling out an exciting new feature for Android users, bridging the gap between voice and video calls seamlessly. This enhancement, reminiscent of iOS’s native FaceTime integration, promises to revolutionise communication dynamics on Android devices. Here’s all you need to know about this feature.

Unveiling the iOS Call-to-Video Feature

Google is currently in the testing phase of a new feature within its phone app, designed to transform regular voice calls into video calls effortlessly. Embedded as a dedicated button, this feature empowers users to effortlessly switch from voice to video calls with just a tap, emulating the seamless experience of FaceTime on iPhones.

Initially accessible to a select group of Pixel smartphone users running Android 14 and the latest phone app version, Google plans to expand this feature gradually to a wider array of Android devices in the coming months.

iOS Call-to-Video Feature: Cross-Platform Compatibility

The impending feature not only facilitates video calls among Android users but also enables Android users to initiate video calls with iPhone users, provided they have the Google Meet app installed on their devices.

While operating within the native phone app, this feature seamlessly integrates with the Meet app to initiate video calls efficiently. In cases where the recipient lacks the Meet app, users will be prompted to invite them to download it, ensuring a smooth user experience.

iOS Call-to-Video Feature: Android’s Flexibility

Unlike iPhones, where native app customization is restricted, Android devices offer greater flexibility, allowing users to set third-party apps as the default phone app. This flexibility enables users to enjoy features like automatic call recording and effortless transitioning between voice and video calls.

The impending rollout of the iOS call-to-video feature on Android devices heralds a new era of communication convenience. With seamless integration, cross-platform compatibility, and enhanced flexibility, Android users can look forward to a richer and more immersive communication experience. Stay tuned as Google continues to redefine the boundaries of mobile communication.

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