Apple has seen multiple high-profile departures in 2023. Another executive, Steve Hotelling who is responsible for several innovative technologies used in iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Vision Pro, is set to leave the company.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Steve Hotelling is retiring from Apple. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant has yet to announce this move publicly. Hotelling’s name is on hundreds of Apple’s patents and is considered a driving force behind several innovations at the company.

Hotelling’s role at Apple
Hotelling reported to senior vice president of hardware technologies Jony Srouji. He was in charge of overseeing camera engineering and also helped in developing augmented reality technology, haptic feedback and ProMotion. He has also been involved in developing many technologies, including some used in Apple Vision Pro.

This Apple senior executive oversaw iPhone screen and touch ID technology. These technologies have transformed the way the latest iPhones feel and function.

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The report cited another source who has worked with Hotelling and has praised him by saying that apart from the chip team, he was the single greatest driver for innovation in Apple products . The company is expected to divide Hotelling’s responsibilities with several of Srouji’s direct reports, including Alan Gilchrist and Wei Chen.

As per the report, Hotelling has represented Apple in multiple legal trials over his two-decade career with the company.

The latest departure comes at the time when the company’s hardware technology group is working hard on several vital components with in-house parts. Apple recently reached a notable milestone after the company shipped its first-ever 3nm chipsets that powers the latest MacBook Pro models.

Meanwhile, Apple is facing hindrances related to other emerging technologies. This includes the company’s first microLED screens, cellular modems and wireless chips. Apple is also developing a blood sugar measuring sensor that will be non-invasive in nature.


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