Apple is speculated to change the name of its “Apple ID” to “Apple Account” on the release of iOS 18 update. The reason for this name switch is not clear but the main reason could be to make things simpler, like the way Google calls their accounts for Android phones “Google Accounts”.

According to reports, this name change could take place later this year. It is expected that Apple might announce the same at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June and roll it out with iOS 18 update, possibly in September with the launch of iPhone 16 series.

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What is Apple ID?

Apple ID is used to log into your Apple devices – iPhone, MacBook, or iPad. Apple ID is created to set up your device, or you can make it on Apple’s website or iTunes on a Windows computer.

iOS 18 Update: ‘Hearing Mode’ feature

As per rumours, with the upcoming iOS 18 update, a new feature called ‘Hearing Mode’ could also be introduced. While there might not be new hardware for AirPods Pro, Apple could introduce a mode to help with hearing. This could include a hearing test feature, which lets AirPods check how well you can hear different sounds. It could be useful for people with hearing problems and could make other apps like Mimi less needed.

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