Apple is readying its retail stores across the US for the launch of the Vision Pro, which is scheduled for early next year, i.e., 2024.

In October, it was reported that Apple is inviting retail employees from each of its US stores to Cupertino, California, to train them on how to use and sell the Vision Pro. The idea is to fly in a few people from each store, give them the necessary information, and have them return to their respective stores to train everyone else.

The training is scheduled to begin early 2024, around the time when the company is expected to release the device.

Training sessions are now being scheduled for the employees in the middle of January, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Sources tell that each employee will have to undergo a two-day training session for the setup process of the Vision Pro.

Gurman notes that the setup process for the Vision Pro is complex. Considering its exorbitant price tag of $3,499, Apple cannot afford to mess up the setup process. Therefore, staff across the stores have been called in for training before the Vision Pro goes on sale.

The headset needs to be customised for each person, and a poor fitting could ultimately ruin the user’s experience. Every step of the training will be carefully orchestrated, including how retail employees approach a customer and how they place the device on a user’s head.

Although customers will be able to reserve a Vision Pro online, it seems like they will be encouraged to pick up the device at a store.

Apple retail locations will soon receive new equipment to assemble and box up the headset, which is a sign that the launch is nearing. The Vision Pro will initially be available in the US only, and customers will need to make appointments to purchase it from retail stores.

Apple has announced that the Vision Pro is coming in “early” 2024; while the launch was said to have been pushed back to March, the company aims to release it by January. So, if everything goes as planned, the launch will happen before March 2024, clearing up the calendar for the new Macs and iPads.


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