Epic is one step closer to opening its iOS games store in the European Union. As part of its 2023 year in review, Epic Games announced Apple has reinstated its developer account, which means it will finally be able to let users download Fortnite on iPhones again.

Epic first announced plans to bring its game store and Fortnite to iOS in January, but it wasn’t clear whether Apple would grant it a developer account.

In 2020, Apple pulled Epic’s developer account after the company began using its own in-app payment option in the iOS version of Fortnite, sparking a lengthy legal battle over whether Apple’s behavior was anticompetitive. But even after the trial ended, and neither company emerged a clear winner, Apple still refused to reinstate Epic’s developer account.

Things are changing now that the EU has implemented the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The new rules force Apple to open up its iOS ecosystem to third-party app stores in the EU. Epic Games says it plans to open its iOS storefront in the EU this year.

Despite this, Sweeney and many other developers remain highly critical of Apple’s new policies. Apple’s new fee setup for developers who decide to step outside Apple’s walled garden makes it less attractive for developers to put their apps in third-party stores and use alternative payment options.

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