6. Sync.com – Best for synced and unsynced cloud storage

Sync.com is based in Canada and offers plans for individuals as well as businesses. It’s a ‘zero knowledge’ platform, which means data is encrypted on your own device before being uploaded to the cloud, where it remains encrypted. So it’s like Mega and Tresorit.

As the name suggests, you can sync files from your device to the cloud and there are apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Weirdly, despite the name, it also offers unsynced storage, which is perfect if you want to back up some files. Most cloud storage is synchronised, so if you delete a file on one device, it’s deleted everywhere, and is no longer in the cloud.

That’s no good if you need a backup, or if you want to save space locally, but with Sync.com you can specify which files exist only in the cloud and which are also available on the device itself. The mobile apps will automatically upload photos and videos, and it’s possible to preview office and PDF documents in the apps and on the web version. 

One of the slight drawbacks is a limited choice of paid plans. Sync offers 5GB for free, but the cheapest paid plan is for 2TB (Solo Basic), and there’s nothing in between. However, the price for this is very reasonable at £6 / $8 per month – but note that you pay annually, not monthly.

If you go for the Solo Basic plan, you get 180-day file history for undeleting files and also accessing previous versions, while Solo Professional (£18 / $20 per month) offers 365-days, not to mention 6TB of storage.  

For sharing files in the cloud, there are plenty of options such as password protecting links, and granular permissions to limit access to viewing documents, for example, and not downloading them. You’re also able to remotely wipe files you’ve shared, and lock-out devices if they get lost or stolen.

If you should suffer a ransomware attack, then the Account Rewind option can take your data back to an earlier time from before the attack, so you get everything back (at least up until that date).

Individual subscribers have limited support, but if you’re ok with emails and help guides, then you may get along just fine with Sync.com

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