GET 40% OFF: As of March 29, get a Backbone One mobile controller for just $59.99 (Xbox version) and $59 (PlayStation version).

Backbone One Controller Sale

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller (PlayStation)

Mobile gaming is a wondrous invention. You can enjoy your favorite games on the go, right from your phone! But for some titles, it can be difficult to get much done when all you have are on-screen controls. Play like a pro gamer with a new tactile controller you can add to your iPhone.

As of March 29, you can get the Backbone One mobile controller for iPhone in both Xbox and PlayStation versions. Get the Xbox version for $59.99, which is 40% off its normal price of $99.98, or snag the PlayStation version, which is 41% off its normal price of $99.99. Either way, you’re seeing big savings. You’ll also get a free month of Backbone+, which lets you access the Backbone gaming hub. There, you can add friends, play games together, share your favorite clips, and more.

This controller is an exciting gadget for anyone who wants to play games on their phone. It has tactile buttons, clickable thumbsticks, and analog triggers that feel just like the ones on your Xbox and PlayStation controllers. It uses pass-through charging and boasts a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well, so you can play a little more privately than usual.

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This particular version is the Lightning edition, which is important to keep in mind. If you have an iPhone with an upgraded USB-C version, you’ll need to skip out on this deal and opt for the USB-C edition instead. If you’re still rocking Lightning, however, you’ll be just fine.

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