Apple is thinking about adding cool new features to iPhones for the next big iOS update, iOS 18. The tech giant is already working on their own smart tech, but now they are in talks with Google about bringing some special Google-powered features to iPhones. This collaboration could bring change in the tech world and at the same time give Google a nice boost.

According to reports, Apple might use Google Gemini to power up some of the new features in iOS 18. These features might include making images and helping with writing.

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As we all know, Google isn’t new to making smart features for phones. Google has joined hands with Samsung for some AI features on the Galaxy S24 series. However, Apple might not only be talking to Google. They could also be chatting with another smart tech company called OpenAI.

If Apple and Google strike a deal, it could be really helpful for Google. Lately, Gemini has had some trouble, like making inaccurate images and more. So, this collaboration with Apple could be a very big thing.

Those who don’t know, Apple and Google have worked together in the past too. Last year, during a big court case, it came out that Google pays Apple a chunk of the money it makes from ads on Safari.

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