Juno Temple gives an update on Venom 3. Sam Rockwell says a Galaxy Quest follow up could happen, with a little help from Simon Pegg. Plus, new looks at Imaginary and Immaculate, and what’s next on Resident Alien. To me, my spoilers!

Lear Rex

Deadline reports Al Pacino and Jessica Chastain are attached to star in Lear Rex, a new adaptation of King Lear from Candyman director, Bernard Rose. Chastain is said to play Goneril, while Pacino has been cast as Lear, himself.

Venom 3

Filming is “coming close to an end” on Venom 3, according to Juno Temple in a new interview with Variety.

We’re coming close to an end at the moment. It’s been a wild, wonderful ride. It’s so new to me. It’s a big set! This is crazy. It’s been so much fun and I got to work with such cool people. I’ve been so lucky in my career to just have the most incredible casts. I can’t wait for it to get out into the world. I think it’s going to be a good one.

[Tom Hardy’s] relationship to how he feels about Venom and Eddie together…its something that feels really close to his heart. It matters to him. I don’t know if anyone else could play Venom. That’s a tough pair of shoes to follow.

Untitled Eli Roth Project

In conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Eli Roth stated he plans to write a new horror movie alongside Borderlands star, Ariana Greenblatt.

We have a great idea, so we’re writing a movie together. I don’t want to say anything about it yet, but she’s so smart I’m like, ‘Let’s write a movie together, and we’ll produce it together, and I’ll direct it, and you’ll star in it.’

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Total Film (via Games Radar) has three new images rom Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Image for article titled Chris Carter Gives His Blessings to Ryan Coogler's X-Files Reboot

Photo: Sony

Image for article titled Chris Carter Gives His Blessings to Ryan Coogler's X-Files Reboot

Photo: Sony

Image for article titled Chris Carter Gives His Blessings to Ryan Coogler's X-Files Reboot

Photo: Sony


Elsewhere, Chauncey the haunted teddy bear convinces a little girl to slam her open palm on a rusty nail (!) in a new clip from Imaginary, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.

IMAGINARY Clip “Something That Hurts” HD


Elsewhere, Sydney Sweeney gets more than she bargained for while taking confession in a spooky new clip from Immaculate.

The X-Files

Chris Carter stated he’ll only be involved in Ryan Coogler’s planned X-Files reboot “as a cheerleader” during a recent interview with The Wrap.

I wouldn’t [be involved]. Only as a cheerleader. They don’t need my blessing. 20th Century Fox and Disney owns the show. They are free to do with it what they believe. I’m honored that they came to me and asked me, not for my permission, but my blessing.

I’m not supposed to be talking about it, according to Disney. But I’ll tell you, yes. I’ve had a conversation with him. Yes, he likes to go with a diverse cast. And he’s got some good ideas.

In the same interview, Carter also said he’d “be inspired” to return to the series if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson “wanted to do it again.”

Oh, if David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] wanted to do it again. Yeah, probably, then I would be inspired.

Galaxy Quest: Phase II

Speaking with GQ, Sam Rockwell suggested Simon Pegg may “help out” with a Galaxy Quest limited series.

If there was a sequel to Galaxy Quest, we would be on it. We talked about it maybe like a limited series, yeah. Simon Pegg talked about helping out with it, actually.

Sam Rockwell Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Resident Alien

Finally, Harry crashes Ben’s family trip to Yellowstone in a clip from tonight’s episode of Resident Alien.

SNEAK PEEK: Harry Crashes Ben’s Family Trip To Yellowstone | Resident Alien (S3 E3) | SYFY

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