Elon Musk-owned Tesla is suing Sweden’s Transport authority after postal workers refused to deliver registration plates for the cars users bought. Because of this refusal, many car owners have therefore failed to have their car’s registered

Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency after postal workers refused to deliver license plates for the company’s cars as a show of solidarity with striking workers.

The strikes and blockades are a result of Swedish unions pressuring Tesla to sign a collective bargaining agreement with employees in its service division, including technicians and mechanics.

The Swedish union IF Metall initiated a strike on October 27, with members refusing to service Tesla’s cars until the company agrees to collective bargaining. Other unions, including dockworkers, electricians, and cleaners, have joined the strike to express solidarity.

In response to the license plate delivery blockade, Tesla filed a lawsuit against the Swedish government, claiming that it has a “constitutional obligation to provide registration plates to vehicle owners.”

The lawsuit also includes the postal service. Tesla argues that the decision by the transport agency to prevent the company from picking up license plates constitutes a unique attack on a company operating in Sweden.

However, a Swedish court has ruled in favour of Tesla, stating that the transport authority must find a way to deliver license plates to the electric car maker.

The court’s decision comes after Tesla sued the agency and state-run PostNord for the blockade. Tesla’s lawyer, Johannes Ericsson, confirmed the court’s decision, emphasizing that it supports Tesla’s claim.

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