Ford neglected to share the maximum range of its newest all-electric Explorer when it announced the Europe-only EV last year. We’ve gotten those details today, however, in an announcement Ford made detailing specs and availability. It came alongside word that it’s set a new world record with renowned traveler Lexie Alford as the first to circumnavigate the globe with an electric vehicle.

The Explorer EV’s 375-mile range (602km) is above average for the American automaker and impressive for an SUV in general, even if it’s calculated using the EU’s more forgiving WLTP formula for testing and calculating total range. For comparison’s sake, the company’s all-electric F-150 Lightning tops out around 265 miles under the same testing standard.

Ford says you can charge the Explorer EV from 10 percent to 80 percent in as little as 26 minutes with up to 185kW DC fast charging for the all-wheel drive model. (There’s also a rear-wheel drive configuration available.) You can check your charging progress on the bigger 14.6-inch center console that’s debuting in the model, which uses Ford’s latest Sync Move infotainment platform and is now vertically adjustable up to 30 degrees. (No word on when the electric Explorer will get Ford’s new Digital Experience, which is coming to the gas-powered Explorer for the US.)

Those in Europe are looking at a starting price of just under €45,000 to drive one home, with reservations starting today. Ford has previously confirmed that it’s working on a version of the Explorer EV for the United States that’s set to launch later this year, but we can’t yet assume it’s capable of going the same distance.

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