Image: Walt Disney Pictures

Freaky Friday—the 2003 version that’s become one of Disney’s standout early-aughts live-action teen movies—is finally getting a sequel.

After years of saying they’d do it, Jamie Lee Curtis (Borderlands) and Lindsay Lohan (Irish Wish) have finally manifested Freaky Friday 2, which they teased today in an Instagram post. The Hollywood Reporter also confirmed the news that Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales filmmaker Nisha Ganatra is aboard to direct the reunion, and that producer Andrew Gunn will return to oversee the film with ex-Disney exec Kristen Burr.

Freaky Friday has been a recurrent franchise at Disney since the 1976 film starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris as the teen daughter and mom who switch bodies. Both that film and the 2003 remake are based on Mary Rodgers’ novel by the same name, which has had numerous other adaptations, including a musical, all centering on the classic comedic dynamic that comes when characters plunge right into the generation gap—not to mention the fun of seeing a young actor get to play a mom in the wrong body, and vice versa. As THR notes, “Lohan is no longer a teen and the new script, by Jordan Weiss, is said to bring a multigenerational approach to the story.”

Disney has yet to reveal if Freaky Friday 2, which starts shooting this summer, will be getting a theatrical release or going straight to Disney+.

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