Google is all set for the release of its upcoming Pixel series smartphones i.e Google Pixel 9. And according to a recent web claim, Google is speculated to launch “Adaptive Touch” feature in the upcoming Pixel series.

According to reports by Android Authority, Google is working on a new ‘Adaptive Touch’ feature for the upcoming Pixel smartphone. With this feature, users will be able to modify the sensitivity of the phone’s screen automatically on the basis of a number of parameters, mainly capability.

Users will be able to access this ‘Adaptive Touch’ feature on the Pixel phone by going to the phone’s ‘Settings’ then tap the option ‘Display’ and then further select the option ‘Touch sensitivity’.

Till date, it has not been identified the environmental elements that will cause adaptive touch to automatically change. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that Google might add a feature which is similar to the OnePlus 12’s Aqua touch. Those who are not aware, when the phone gets wet, the ‘aqua touch feature’ adjusts the touch sensitivity.

Apart from the above information, it is not yet confirmed that the ‘Adaptive Touch’ feature will only be available on the Pixel 9 or if it will be available on other Pixel smartphones too. Google’s quarterly Pixel Feature Drop upgrades bring new features to older Pixel phones but they also purposefully get rid of some features that older Pixels are physically capable of running.

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