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Whether you’re planning to give a smartphone as a holiday gift to a loved one or yourself, you better hurry with your purchase because time is running out for you to take advantage of the discounts of this year’s phone deals. Here’s an offer you wouldn’t want to miss — the 256GB version of the Google Pixel Fold with a $350 discount from Best Buy, which brings the foldable smartphone’s price down to $1,449 from $1,799. It’s still not what you’d call affordable, but at this price, you’re going to get amazing value from this Android-powered device.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold is the company’s first foldable smartphone, released a few months before its flagship Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. It’s quickly taken a spot in our roundup of the best folding phones as the best compact folding phone because of its 5.8-inch OLED cover screen that’s short and wide, which some people may prefer over the narrower cover displays of other options in the market. The Google Pixel Fold opens into a 7.6-inch OLED inner screen, which is bright and colorful enough to be used comfortably outdoors.

Inside the Google Pixel Fold is Google’s Tensor G2 chip and 12GB of RAM, for fast and smooth performance while you’re using apps, watching videos, and playing mobile games. For those who love taking pictures, the smartphone doesn’t disappoint with its 48MP main camera, 10.8MP ultrawide camera, and 10.8MP telephoto camera with a 5x optical zoom. Meanwhile, taking selfies also won’t be an issue with the 9.5MP selfie camera of the cover screen and the 8MP selfie camera of the inner screen.

There’s always high demand for Google Pixel deals, and it’s only getting higher as the holiday season progresses. That’s why we’re not sure how much time you’ve got left to pocket the savings from Best Buy’s offer for the Google Pixel Fold. From $1,799, the price of the foldable smartphone’s 256GB model is down to $1,449, following a $350 discount from Best Buy. If you think the Google Pixel Fold is the perfect gift, you shouldn’t be standing still — add it to your cart and check out immediately to be able to get it for cheaper than usual.

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