Google recently announced its decision to take action against 10 Indian app developers for non-compliance with the Play Store payment policy. This move marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict between the tech giant and local internet companies in India.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The action taken by Google may involve the removal of non-compliant apps from the Google Play Store. While the specific names of the companies facing action were not disclosed by Google, notable apps like, Altt, Stage, Aha, and Quack Quack have reportedly been removed from the platform.

Legal Background

Several of the affected companies were petitioners in a case challenging Google’s app billing policy in the Supreme Court. Despite the court’s refusal to grant interim protection to these companies, some have begun to comply with Google’s policies, while others have continued to resist.

Response from Developers

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of Info Edge, confirmed compliance with Google’s policies and timely payment of dues. However, expressed concern over the potential impact of Google’s actions on the matrimony services industry.

Google’s Perspective

In response to developers’ requests for restraint, Google emphasised the importance of consistent policy enforcement to maintain a level playing field for all app developers. The company highlighted the majority of Indian developers who already adhere to its policies and reiterated its commitment to supporting compliant developers.

Path Forward for Developers

If delisted, developers have the option to resubmit their apps by integrating one of three billing options provided by Google: Google Play’s billing system, an alternate billing system alongside Google Play’s, or operating on a consumption-only basis without any service fee.


Google’s action against non-compliant Indian app developers underscores the importance of adherence to Play Store policies. As the situation evolves, developers must consider their compliance status and explore available options to ensure their apps remain accessible to users on the Google Play Store.

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