Google introduced the Google TV platform in 2020. This branding replaced Play Movies & TV in mobile apps and other platforms. However, Google then decided entirely to do away with Play Movies & TV branding from everywhere else. In October, Google changed the moniker on Android TV and the app has stopped working since this change. Despite the confusion over the past few weeks, the app currently redirects users to Android TV’s “Shop” tab, which has also been widely available for months.

Now, the tech giant has announced its decision to shut the Play Movies & TV branding by January. The app – which is still available (but can’t be accessed) on Android TV, select cable boxes, and the web – will be replaced with other means of access.

What Google has to say
The company has updated its support page to announce that it will do away with the last parts of Google Play Movies & TV in January 2024.

In the post, Google explains: “With these changes, Google Play Movies & TV will no longer be available on Android TV devices or the Google Play website. However, you’ll still be able to access all of your previously purchased titles (including active rentals) on Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS), and YouTube.”

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Play Movies & TV will officially cease for good on Android TV starting January 17. Starting this date, the “Shop” tab will become the only option when users try to access this app.

Google has also confirmed that Play Movies & TV will also cease to operate on any other remaining platforms on the same date. Any cable boxes that come integrated with the app will also lose it and users will be redirected to the YouTube app for access or purchase content. Web access via will also go away and will take its place.


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