Apple‘s iOS 17 update, released on September 18, brings major updates to the Phone app, Messages, and more. Among these new features is Contact Posters, which allow you to personalise how you appear when making calls.

iOS 17 brings Contact Posters feature
Contact Posters offer iPhone users a creative way to express themselves during calls. You can customise your Contact Poster with photos and emojis, making your calls more personalised and visually appealing. This customised poster will be displayed on the recipient’s iPhone when you call them. Plus, it also becomes a part of your contact card in the Contacts app, ensuring consistency in your communication.

Enhancements to the Contacts app with Contact Posters
With the introduction of Contact Posters, the Contacts app’s design has been updated. When viewing a contact, their image, Memoji, or initials now occupy a larger portion of the screen. This also applies to contacts with assigned images. You can enable automatic updates for your Contact Photo and Poster, ensuring they stay current when your contacts make changes to their profiles, or opt for manual updates, where you’ll be prompted to update them yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your own Contact Poster on your iPhone


Open the Contacts app

Start by launching the Contacts app on your iPhone.


Access your contact

Locate and tap on your own name within the app.


Edit your Contact Poster

In your contact details, tap on the “Contact Photo & Poster” option.


Customise your poster

Next, tap “Edit” and then select “Customise.”


Choose an image

In the “Poster” section, you can either take a new photo, select an image from your library, choose a Memoji, or add your initials as a simple Monogram.


Customise typography

Optionally, adjust the font size, style, and colour to match your chosen image. (Please note that you cannot change your name through this interface; that requires updating your contact info separately.)


Apply filters

Swipe across the poster to preview various filters, including black and white, duotone, and colour wash in your preferred colour.


Finalise your poster

Once satisfied, tap “Done” to see a preview of what the recipient will see when you call them. If it looks good, tap “Continue.”


Crop your Contact Photo

You can now edit the crop of your Contact Photo, choose a different photo, or skip this step altogether.

Sharing your Contact Poster
Your Contact Poster can be automatically shared with your contacts, or you can choose to share it with specific individuals who call you. This gives you control over who sees your custom imagery.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created your own Contact Poster in iOS 17, adding a personal touch to your calls. Enjoy expressing yourself in a whole new way with this exciting feature.


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