Numerous Indian businesses have initiated the practice of sending promotional messages via WhatsApp, resulting in a cluttered influx of messages in users’ inboxes. Simultaneously, the government is taking steps to enforce stricter regulations to combat spamming by companies.

Businesses are increasingly turning to WhatsApp as a versatile platform for communication, encompassing various activities such as ticket confirmations, transaction updates, and promotional campaigns. This shift marks a departure from their reliance on SMS for such purposes. WhatsApp has also introduced tools empowering users to exercise greater control over their interactions on the platform.

As a result, businesses cannot engage in ongoing conversations with users unless explicit consent has been granted by opting in to chat with them. This measure ensures that users have the autonomy to regulate their communication channels effectively.

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Steps to perform while receiving unwanted messages from WhatsApp Business

Upon receiving the initial message from a business, users are presented with three interaction options:

  • Block: This action adds the business to the Blocked contacts list. Once blocked, the business cannot directly message the user, although they retain access to their business profile and catalogue.

  • Report: Users have the option to report a business if they believe it is violating WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy.

  • Continue: Users may select this option to maintain ongoing communication with the business. Additionally, users can opt in by initiating a message to the business.

How to stop receiving marketing messages from a WhatsApp Business account?

Certain businesses may offer users the opportunity to decline receiving marketing messages by selecting the “Opt out of marketing messages” button within the chat interface with the business. Activating this option will notify the business of your preference to remove your WhatsApp number from their marketing distribution lists.

If this feature is unavailable or ineffective, users retain the option to block the business. However, it’s important to note that blocking a business from messaging you also prevents you from sending messages to that business.

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