As a part of Google Explore, the company offers users the option to plan the complete trip. This includes things like finding the destination, hotels, places to visit and even flight tickets. To make things easier for users to book the flight tickets, Google also offers a couple of features like price tracking, alerts and even access to multiple websites for getting the best price available.

Recently, Google introduced Search Generative Experience (SGE) to Google Search along with Google Flights and as a part of which, it added a new feature that will go beyond just telling users the ticket pricing trends or the lowest pricing. With the feature, Google now offers users the information on when is the right time to book flight tickets for a particular destination.

Why this feature is important

The feature can come in really handy for people who are planning a trip and looking to book flight tickets. In simple words, there’s nothing better to know when is the right time to book the tickets and get the best possible pricing.

Not only, the feature can help users plan things better without breaking the bank.

Wondering how to use the feature? Here’s our step-by-step guide:

Before this, you’ll need to enroll into Google’s SGE program. For this, head to Login using your Google account and enroll into the program.

Once enrolled, follow the steps below to use the feature:

  • Open Google Search using any web browser on your PC or phone
  • Now, head to Google Flights and enter the destination details, date of travel and number of passengers and hit the Search option.
  • Once the result is generated which includes the listing of the available flights for that destination, there will be a SGE section which will analyse the entire trend for the flight tickets for that desitnation and let users know whether this is the right time to book the ticket. If not, it will issue a general advisor mentioning the right time to book the ticket.


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