Ikea is introducing a new range of gaming furniture that subverts the usual dark, edgy “gamer” aesthetic for designs that are more likely to blend in with your existing home decor. 

Seating is the main focus. There’s an armchair that folds out into a lounging position, a rocking-style chair designed to swing with your body’s movement, and an inflatable donut-style chair with a matching footstool.

The Brännboll collection also includes a “gaming station” that folds away into something resembling a wardrobe, complete with a foldable tabletop, integrated PC tower storage, and cable management. There’s also a storage box that doubles as a side table, display shelving, and some textile accessories like a mousepad, rug, and a throw.

It’s a little difficult to pin down what qualifies any of this as “gaming” furniture, but I guess that’s kinda the point — anything designed to accommodate lengthy sessions of sitting down is suitable for gaming, and not everyone wants a section of their home to look like it was sponsored by an energy drink company. Ikea says the Brännboll collection is instead inspired by street sports and athleisure, with a mix of neutrals and bright colors that easily blend into modern homes.

“With Brännboll, we are embracing the idea that gaming is for everyone and belongs everywhere in the home,” Ikea product design developer Philip Dilé said in the company’s press release. “It’s about making it simple for people to create spaces that adapt to gaming, living, and everything in between.”

While it’s mostly children in Ikea’s press images, Dilé confirmed to The Verge that the range is age-inclusive and suitable for adults. There’s no pricing available yet, but we should learn more about the Brännboll collection before its September launch.

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