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However small Intel’s presence might be when it comes to discrete graphics cards, it’s still chipping away at Arc Battlemage — but every time we hear of it, the news is strictly bad. This time, a new leak tells us that Intel may not even attempt to release Arc Battlemage for laptops, and even if it does, its partners may still not want to produce the acrds.

The grim update comes from Moore’s Law Is Dead, who talked about Arc Battlemage in his latest video. According to the YouTuber’s anonymous sources, Intel’s next-gen discrete GPUs aren’t coming to laptops. References to any mobile GPUs have reportedly been erased from an internal Intel document, indicating that the cards may have been scrapped, as opposed to never having been planned.

The YouTuber quotes a few of Intel’s laptop manufacturing partners, who are, of course, unnamed. It appears that Battlemage is being kept so under wraps that even now, less than a year away from its projected release, Intel’s partners are still in the dark.

“We have seriously not had a single brief or email about Battlemage yet. […] I cannot speak for our competitors, but I can say that it’s already too late for us to have any notebook launch with Battlemage this year already,” said one of the sources. “We already have some details on RDNA 4 and Blackwell, by the way.”

Two others are quoted as saying that they haven’t heard anything about Battlemage. One source goes as far as to say that Intel will first need to prove that Battlemage can “live up to the hype” before they will consider supporting Intel Arc again. How much of that is hyperbole and how much of it is real is difficult to tell, but this sentiment is clear throughout all three quotes.

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Moore’s Law Is Dead

Intel’s presence in laptop graphics cards is really small, but Battlemage would have been a good time to change that. We already heard that the Battlemage flagship graphics card may have been canceled, but even entry-level and midrange chips can find a good home in a budget laptop. However, by the sound of it, Intel may not only forego releasing a high-end graphics card, but it might also skip the entire laptop segment with this release.

Seeing as AMD and Nvidia are both set to come out with their next-gen cards around the same time, Intel is going to have serious competition in the desktop market. It would have made a lot of sense for it to target cheap gaming laptops as one way of selling Arc Battlemage, and if these rumors turn out to be true, it does cast a shadow on the future of the entire lineup.

Intel’s been pretty quiet about its next-gen graphics cards, so this type of speculation is all we have. For the time being, it’s best to take it with some skepticism. The only confirmed piece of information comes from Intel fellow Tom Petersen, who recently revealed that the GPUs are well underway and may be launching in late 2024, although a 2025 release is also entirely possible.

With all the bad news Arc Battlemage has already gotten, it won’t come as a surprise if it’s delayed — after all, Arc Alchemist was a moving goalpost for a long time before it finally launched.

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