A new version of iOS 17 is coming soon and iPhone 15 Pro users are getting a nice bonus for their cameras.

Specifically, iOS 17.2 is delivering a boost to the Pro models’ telephoto camera. Expect increased speed while using the lens to capture small, distant objects, according to 9to5Mac.

While our review didn’t single out slow focus speeds as a problem for the iPhone 15 Pro models, we’ll never complain about Apple making something slightly better. It’s still probably not as good as the zoom lens on Pixel 8 Pro, but hey, maybe next year.

iOS 17.2 to deliver new feature for iPhone 13 and 14 users

Beyond that, however, the litany of changes in iOS 17.2 (which will launch sometime in December) also includes a nice little nugget for iPhone 13 and 14 owners: Qi2 charging. If you aren’t aware, Qi2 is the newest and fastest wireless charging standard available for iPhones, allowing you to use chargers of up to 15W in power, double the previous 7.5W limit.

As TechRadar noted, this has already been available on iPhone 15, while iPhones 13 and 14 could previously only go up to 15W using a MagSafe charger. Now, you can do so with a (likely cheaper) third-party charger, breaking free of the dreaded Apple Tax.

What a nice little holiday surprise from Apple.

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