The culture at Boeing is the latest thing to come under the spotlight at Last Week Tonight, with host John Oliver taking a deep dive into the company’s troubled history in the clip above — from the shift to a profit-driven model that happened after the company merged with McDonnell Douglas to the grounding of Boeing 737 Max airplanes in 2019 that followed fatal crashes caused by deadly AI software.

“It is pretty clear that something has to change at Boeing and it has to be at the top of that company,” says Oliver at the end of the clip, after outlining ongoing issues with Boeing’s Max aircrafts. “Because if you are truly too big to fail, that should mean you are big enough to spend the time and resources required to fix the culture that you have destroyed. And in the meantime, the very least you can do is advertise the kind of company you are in a much more accurate way.”

Cue a parody ad staring Rose Byrne, David Costabile, Adam Pally and Roy Wood, Jr.

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