TL;DR: Through March 17, give your earbuds a refresh with the Apple AirPod deep cleaner (2-pack) for only $14.99 (reg.$29). 

If you’ve ever taken a second to look at your AirPods before tuning into your favorite podcast, you know very well what lies within the cracks. The Apple AirPod deep cleaner tool is a simple solution to getting rid of grime, earwax, and bacteria once and for all. This tool makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality, hygiene, or functionality ever again. 

This simple AirPod cleaning tool is made of high-quality materials and comes with a durable case — and you can get two on sale for $14.99. It’s super easy to use, and won’t cause damage to the headphones or jack. It has a round metal nib, plush brush, and a special charging hole cleaning brush so you can get deep into the crevices

If you’re constantly on the move, you most likely never leave home without your Airpods. The deep cleaner pen is compact and lightweight and fits perfectly in small compartments, bags, and purses. It makes a great travel companion for anyone who’s on the go. This 2-pack comes in handy for when you need one for travel and one to keep at home. 

Make cleaning your earbuds part of your hygiene routine. The last thing you want is an excess of gunk built up in your headphones because you didn’t take the time to clean them. This versatile tool is also great for cleaning other electronic devices such as tablets, cameras, phones, keyboards, etc. The deep cleaner pen gets down in those hard-to-reach places of your digital products so they can continue functioning properly. 

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For a limited time, get a 2-pack of Apple AirPod deep cleaners for only $14.99 (reg.$29). 

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