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Hollywood’s been trying for years now to revive Little Shop of Horrors for a new cinematic audience. Last we heard, Arrowverse head Greg Berlanti was going to try his hand at it with Billy Porter and maybe Chris Evans. That version ultimately got scrapped in 2022, but Hollywood’s angling to try and grow a new version of the beloved film yet again.

As reported by Deadline, the horror-comedy film is being rebooted, with Gremlins director Joe Dante at the helm and Roger Corman (who directed the original 1960 film) on hand as a co-producer. The twist? It’s a reimagining dubbed Little Shop of Halloween Horrors that’s also being intended as the kickstart to a new movie franchise. Dante will be working off a script written by Charles S. Haas (Gremlins 2).

The original Little Shop of Horrors, and its more popular 1986 musical, centered on a florist named Seymour who discovers a Venus flytrap-looking plant he eventually names Audrey Jr. (or Audrey II in the musical). The plant manages to convince Seymour to keep feeding it people, and things quickly spiral out of control from there. At time of writing, it sounds like that’ll still be the general premise of this new movie, give or take some Halloween-specific plot elements. What’s not clear is if it’ll play as a straight horror-comedy like the original or do like the 1986 movie and take the musical route.

Until the new version comes out, you can watch the previous Little Shop of Horrors movies on services like Prime Video. And if you’ve got Max, you can watch the “Little Rock of Horrors” episode of Billy & Mandy. It’s short, but it’s still pretty great!

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