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Just hours before the trailer of GTA VI was leaked online, a different leak emerged, which gave fans of the GTA series a sneak peek into what could be the game’s setting. The leak, originating from a TikTok account named ‘azzarossi,’ showcased a brief panoramic view of a location presumed to be the fictionalized Miami, also known as Vice City in the GTA universe. on Twitter reported the leak, highlighting a potential connection to the extensive data leak from the previous year, which unveiled over 90 clips from the in-development game.

The leaked video, which has since been made private, included a glimpse of a Pisswasser billboard, an iconic in-game beer brand featured in previous GTA titles. Despite the authenticity of the footage remaining unverified, significant landmarks align with information disclosed in the prior data leak.

Adding to the intrigue, ‘azzarossi’ posted a photo alongside Aaron Garbut, the head of development and co-studio head at Rockstar North, sparking speculation that the leaker may be a relative of the Rockstar Games employee. The timing of the leak, just ahead of the official trailer release, led to discussions about potential repercussions for the alleged insider.

Notably, Rockstar has not released any official statement regarding the leaks, and social media users are advised to use keyword filters to avoid spoilers. The TikTok user’s swift decision to make their account private following the leak has fueled discussions reminiscent of the infamous “my dad works at Rockstar/Xbox/PlayStation” meme, highlighting the potential reality behind such claims.

Rockstar aims for groundbreaking features in GTA 6, including the introduction of the first playable Latina female protagonist and an increased number of interactive indoor locations for enhanced immersion. The trailer revealed two protagonists, a criminal couple reminiscent of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, known for their bank and store robberies during the Great Depression.

Leading up to the GTA 6 trailer launch, Rockstar rebranded its logo and removed the ‘Social Club’ branding, while the online multiplayer component remains unaffected. Additionally, the studio plans to release the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy on Netflix on December 14, offering subscribers graphical and mechanical upgrades.

While the specific release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 remains unknown, it is set to be launched in 2025, as the trailer indicated. Following the pattern of previous Rockstar game releases, one can speculate that it will be launched sometime around Thanksgiving 2025.

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