MSI may have some high-end gaming monitors up for grabs, but unfortunately, some are apparently more desirable than others. A Reddit thread exposed that MSI won’t be allowing firmware updates for a large portion of its QD-OLED monitor lineup, and the customers are not happy.

MSI is fairly new to the gaming monitor game, but it’s releasing some monitors that tick all the boxes and combine vibrant QD-OLED panels with a reasonable screen size. The lineup is divided into the MSI MAG series and the MSI MPG series; the former includes 27-inch, 32-inch, and 34-inch (curved) QD-OLED screens, while the latter serves up two flat screens (27-inch and 32-inch) and a curved 49-inch monitor. Refresh rates range from 360Hz to 144Hz, and there’s a variety of resolutions to pick from, from a standard 2K to 4K or 5,120 x 1,440.

Although all the models seem great at first glance, if you care about being able to receive firmware updates, you should avoid most of the MAG versions of MSI’s monitors. This Reddit post, shared by VideoCardz, was started by an MSI employee in an effort to introduce the monitors to the OLED_Gaming community. One section of the post draws attention: firmware updates through USB-B are listed as an “MPG-Exclusive Feature.”

A screenshot from Reddit talking about MSI monitors.

Various users followed up with questions, to which the MSI employee made it abundantly clear that two out of six monitors won’t be receiving firmware updates at all. All three MPG models will be getting them, and the MAG 341CQP monitor will, too — but the two other MAG displays are out of luck. The MAG271QPX and the MAG321UPX cost $750 and $900, respectively, which is a good deal for a QD-OLED panel — but the lack of updates might be an obstacle for some buyers.

MSI can most likely get away with not providing this pretty basic feature this time around. Its QD-OLED monitors are competitively priced compared to its rivals — for instance, the fantastic Alienware 32 QD-OLED costs $1,200. It’s hard to imagine that anyone will spend $200 to $500 more out of principle when MSI’s MPG displays are available at just $50 more compared to their MAG counterparts. Let’s hope that the company takes the harsh feedback to heart and allows firmware updates in its entire lineup going forward.

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