If you just got yourself a new device from iPhone deals or AirPods deals, your next purchase should be on protection for your smartphone or wireless earbuds. Nomad’s cases will not only prevent physical damage, but they will also provide a unique sense of style so that your iPhone or AirPods will stand out anywhere you go. There’s an ongoing Nomad Overstock sale with discounts of up to 85% covering cases for the iPhone 14, AirPods 3, and more — check out everything that’s available, and hopefully there’s something that will be compatible with your current device.

What to buy in Nomad’s Overstock sale

Nomad’s Overstock sale includes cases for the iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, and iPhone XS series. For the largest discounts, the Modern Leather Case – Horween for the iPhone 14 Plus is 85% off,

from $70 for savings of $60, while the Modern Leather Folio – Horween for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 60% off,

from $80 for savings of $50. The Modern Leather Folio for the iPhone 12 Pro Max is also 60% off for a

from $70 for $42 in savings, and the Modern Leather Folio for the iPhone XS Max is 85% off for a

from $70 for $60 in savings.

For owners of the third-generation Apple AirPods, the Modern Leather Case is 50% off, so you’ll have to pay

instead of $30 for savings of $15, and for owners of the fourth-generation Apple iPad Pro 12.9, the Modern Case is 75% off, for a

for savings of $60 on its sticker price of $80.

Other attention-catching deals in Nomad’s ongoing sale are the Titanium Band for 40mm and 41mm models of the Apple Watch at 20% off, bringing its price

from $300 for savings of $60, and the Base, a wireless charger that’s compatible with MagSafe technology, also at 20% off, which lowers its price to

from $70 for savings of $15.

The Nomad Overstock sale may not include offers for cases of all iPhone and AirPods models, but you won’t want to miss the up to 85% off in savings if the discounted items are compatible with your devices. Whether something already caught your eye from our recommended bargains above or you’re planning to take a look at everything that’s on sale, you better hurry with your purchase because there’s no telling when these lowered prices will return to normal.

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