Nothing’s upcoming entry-level smartphone, the Nothing Phone 2a, has been extensively leaked ahead of its official launch; mostly by Nothing itself.

Now, however, the company decided to completely spill the beans on the phone’s design. On Wednesday, Nothing posted a YouTube video in which it reveals the phone to the company’s “biggest fan,” a kid called Maximilian. In a cute marketing stunt, the company invited him for an exclusive unboxing of the new device.

As for the phone itself, the video gives us a very detailed look at the white version (other colors are also said to exist), which has Nothing’s trademark semi-transparent design, with the Glyph lights, and a dual camera on the back.

As Nothing’s lead industrial designer Chris Weightman explains in the video, the Phone 2a is actually “pretty similar” to the original design of the Nothing Phone 1. The design also has a few cool details. For example, thanks to its plastic back, the transparency “wraps” around the phone’s edge, so you can see some of its internal parts even if you look at it from the side. Also, while the Phone 2a’s frame is white, the buttons on the sides are black, and the sides have a textured finish for better grip.

While the video really gives us an in-depth insight of how the Nothing Phone 2a was designed, we learn almost nothing about its specs.

The Nothing Phone 2a launches on March 5, which is when we’ll learn about its specs and price. Until then, we’ll likely to see more teasers from Nothing. Many, many more teasers.

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