Nvidia’s latest announcement is one that many of us have been waiting for. The company is releasing a new software solution that will, hopefully, one day replace the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience. Dubbed simply “Nvidia App,” the software is now in beta and is available for testing.

Those of us who own some of Nvidia’s top GPUs (or even some of the worst ones) are forced to use the Nvidia Control Panel for tuning things like display settings, game performance, and monitor refresh rates. Meanwhile, GeForce Experience optimizes game settings and provides an in-game overlay that can be used for things like recording bits of your gameplay. The lack of a unified app can get confusing and annoying to those who aren’t familiar with it.

The company refers to it as a “unified GPU control center.”

Hopefully, the Nvidia App may one day be the solution that rids us of that annoyance. According to Nvidia, the app simplifies the process of updating your drivers and makes it easier to access and use the rest of Nvidia’s software stack, such as GeForce Now, Nvidia Broadcast, and Nvidia Omniverse. The company refers to it as a “unified GPU control center.”

Upon installing the beta, users are given the option to log in, and those who do may be given access to various bundles and rewards. The fact that a login isn’t required, however, is a new and welcome change.

Once installed, the app can be used for tweaking game and driver settings. It also features a redesigned in-game overlay with features such as recording gameplay and monitoring performance, as well as AI-powered filters that enhance the gaming experience. This includes something Nvidia refers to as “Freestyle Filters.”

These filters use RTX HDR to give SDR games a boost to HDR. There’s also RTX Dynamic Vibrance, a successor to the Digital Vibrance feature, which is said to boost visual clarity in games.

A screenshot of the overlay using the Nvidia app.

Nvidia App is launching alongside the latest Game Ready driver. No big changes here, it seems, although it does add “optimal settings” for four games, including Nightingale (which also gets DLSS 3), Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Pacific Drive, and Skull and Bones.

From the looks of it, the Nvidia App seems like it will really be the one-stop-shop solution gamers need. You can now download the beta directly from Nvidia and give it a try.

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