Google launched the latest Pixel 8 series in October. Soon after it became available for users, some Pixel 8 Pro owners complained about bumps appearing on the display of the new phone. Several users have reported the issue while some even sought replacement from Google. However, replacement devices are also reportedly showing the same problem. Meanwhile, some users have requested Google to offer an extended warranty on their Pixel 8 Pro smartphones.

What Google has to say
Replying to its customers, Google mentioned that users may see impressions from components, but it doesn’t affect performance or durability.

According to a report by 9to5Google, a Google spokesperson said: “Pixel 8 phones feature a new display. In certain lighting conditions, when the screen is turned off and not in use, users might observe impressions from internal components that resemble small bumps. Importantly, there is no impact on Pixel 8 performance or durability.”

How these bumps affected users
Some users complained about noticing circular bumps on their screens. Users on the Google support community explained that these bumps might be caused by pressure on the soft underside of the smartphone’s 6.7-inch OLED panel. Pixel 8 Pro owners complained that these bumps can be consistently seen on the top edge, near the front-facing camera, and along the left and right edges.

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However, the report noted that the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 cover glass was not affected by the issue. Meanwhile, teardowns suggested that the cause for the formation of these bumps may either be due to components pressing against the screen, or it could be a manufacturing issue.

It is important to note that none of the users mentioned that these bumps caused any impact on the screen’s touch functionality or image quality. However, users were concerned about the bumps worsening over time and damaging the display. The original warranty of the phone’s display is valid for a year. Google has offered extended repair programs for earlier devices. So it remains to be seen how this situation develops in the coming days.


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