• Original review date: October 2019
• Still Revlon’s latest (and greatest) hair brush dryer
• Launch price: £60 / $60
• Official price now: £60 / $60, but very regularly discounted

Updated: February 2024. It’s hard to beat perfection, and while this particular hair brush dryer isn’t quite perfect, it’s as close as we’ve seen. Offering an excellent balance of great performance, decent design, and excellent value, this is the brush dryer to beat. There is now a slightly more premium version, the One-Step Volumizer Plus, which has an oval head and activated charcoal pins and with a slightly more premium design for $10 / £10 more; to be honest, the ovular barrel of the original One-Step Volumizer is in part why it works so well, and I’m not one for the infused pin marketing gimmick. The rest of this review remains unchanged.

Josephine Watson

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