Ride-hailing company viaDOTS has said that it aims to onboard 50,000 taxi drivers by the first quarter of 2024 (Q1 2024). The start-up has already onboarded 5,000 drivers within the first two months of operations.

The Bengaluru-based platform offers the driver community a unique Digital Metre Taxi model, which ensures fair rates set by the taxi drivers, the company said. viaDOTS claims that it is different from other companies as there are no hidden costs which ensures safety for both the driver and the passenger, no onboarding platform fee for the drivers, and an easy user interface for operations.

The startup also noted that viaDOTS’ research and development began in 2019 and it helped the brand comprehend the market gap in the Indian ride-hailing industry and prioritise drivers to ensure operational success.

“We are immensely excited to be pioneering a driver-focused ride-hailing service in India and empower thousands of drivers from the community to realise their sense of ownership and belonging. Through our initiative, we aim to territorialise as ‘The Social Champion’ of the mobility landscape, where the drivers would finally be in the driving seat, both literally and figuratively,” said Vyshak Simha, CEO of viaDOTS.

Several features coming
With several unique features on the way, viaDOTS intends to provide personalised taxi experiences to users in Bengaluru and aims to further encourage millions of drivers in the next 2 years.

The company uses Driver Operated Transport Service (DOTS) software which is designed to create smoother, more efficient rides for both riders and drivers.


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