Cloud business communications company RingCentral has added artificial intelligence (AI) to its rebranded flagship solution, RingEX, offering users a personal AI assistant to supercharge their productivity and take actionable insights from everyday conversations.

With RingSense AI now embedded in RingEX across its secure platform, RingCentral claims it can empower every employee in an organisation with personalised and context-aware interactions that make every conversation smarter and everyday work more efficient.

“AI brings a shift from unifying communication modes and functionality to merging employee and customer experiences, and it’s exciting,” said RingCentral founder, chairman and CEO Vlad Shmunis, explaining the move.

“Building on our battle-tested, mission-critical platform, we are delivering AI that is purpose-built for specific use cases to drive tangible value – from enhancing everyday productivity to driving interaction efficiencies. RingSense AI unlocks data-rich conversations across phone calls, messaging, video meetings and contact centre interactions to deliver actionable insights that inform more intelligent workflows,” added Shmunis.

According to Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of analyst firm Aragon Research, voice-driven data has previously been largely inaccessible at scale, but with RingSense AI, RingCentral is unlocking that data into key insights and action items.

“The ability for RingSense AI to create notes in real time, interpret complex conversations and dynamically automate action items on behalf of a user, all from a single, consistent user experience embedded directly within RingEX, is what makes this solution unique,” he said.

Claiming to work unlike other solutions on the market, which only offer AI for video and messaging, RingCentral said it was among the first to have a complete AI-infused offering across message, video and phone.

RingCentral claimed its AI-driven solutions offer the same level of security, privacy by design and transparency as its established solutions. The technology is orchestrated between RingCentral’s own proprietary AI large language models and third-party models. Customers can go to a developer portal and find application programming interfaces (APIs) to customise and tailor solutions to fit the needs of their business.

Replacing RingCentral MVP, RingEX with RingSense AI provides intelligence across phone calls, SMS, meetings and messaging, including real-time call notes, messaging recap and generative AI search across conversations.

In addition, its purpose-built AI is said to enhance personal productivity and business collaboration, running across RingCentral’s suite to boost efficiency and teamwork – indeed, RingEX with RingSense AI is claimed to “reinvent” the phone experience altogether, saving employees time on tedious manual tasks, while enabling them to optimise workflows and focus on more creative or strategic parts of their interactions.

RingSense AI for RingEX is currently rolling out in preview among select customers. Information on pricing and specifics will be available in the coming months.

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