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Are you thinking about buying a new tablet? You should think about getting the Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock, as its 256GB model is currently available from Best Buy at $150 off. That brings its price down to just $449 from $599, which is pretty affordable for a device that will give you all the advantages of the Google Pixel line. You’re going to have to be quick with your purchase though, as there’s no telling how much time is remaining before the offer disappears.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock

The Google Pixel Tablet features an 11-inch touchscreen with vivid colors and adaptive brightness, which makes adjustments according to the light from your surroundings. The tablet‘s performance is smooth and crisp with Google’s Tensor G2 chip, and it ships with Android 13. You can update it to Android 14 immediately, and as part of the Google Pixel line, it will be among the first devices to receive any updates to the operating system, whether it’s a minor security update or a larger upgrade.

Adding to the value that you’ll get out of the Google Pixel Tablet is its Charging Speaker Dock, which transforms the device into a smart display. You’ll be able to use voice commands to call Google Assistant, for functions such as controlling your other smart home devices, playing music and videos, and getting answers to any question that you may have. The dock’s audio output is much better than the tablet’s, with a full-range speaker that’s loud and clear.

Best Buy’s offer for the Google Pixel Tablet is one of the most interesting tablet deals available right now, not just because of the features that the device provides, but also due to the benefits that you can get from its Charging Speaker Dock. The tablet’s 256GB model is on sale for only $449, for savings of $150 on its sticker price of $599, but we don’t think it will stay this cheap for long. If you don’t want to miss out on this lowered price for the Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock, you need to complete the transaction immediately — within the day, if possible.

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