As I write this, I feel a bit like a broken record, reporting again how the United States Supreme Court could, with a ruling today (Monday or soon after), decide the fate of social media as we know it. Justices could choose to leave content moderation decisions in the hands of these companies or designate them all icons of free and unfettered speech. 

The two cases, one from Florida and one from Texas, both revolve around claims that Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media platforms are unfairly banning content primarily from right-wing users and sources. The claims mostly rise out of a flashpoint in US history: the January 6th riots and storming of the US Capitol. At the time, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media companies deplatformed Former President Donald Trump out of fears that further posts from him would ignite more violence. In this same era, the companies also sought to weed out what they saw as dangerous misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations. If the two cases are successful, they would radically alter social media companies’ ability to moderate and ban content.

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