Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is nearly here. It’s coming February 29th, and yes, we will find out what happens to Aerith unless the game’s producer was playing us. But we won’t have to wait that long to get a taste, because Sony will release a playable demo as soon as tomorrow, February 6th.

That’s the word from Wario64, who spotted a trailer for the demo on PlayStation Network, one you can watch below — and the news that the demo will let you “step into the shoes of either Cloud or Sephiroth during the Nibelheim episode.”

I won’t spoil what happens in Nibelheim just in case this is your first rodeo beyond Midgar’s walls, but in the original game… let’s just say it was pivotal. Perhaps the first true “wait, what is going on here” moment in the game, if I recall.

Some other trailers while you wait:

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