A space tourism company promising stratospheric balloon rides has unveiled the vehicle’s capsule design.

Halo Space is building the balloon for zero-emission commercial flights to altitudes of up to 40km. Tickets will cost a whopping €150,000 each.

On each flight, a pilot and eight passengers will enter the pressurised cabin. The helium balloon will then gradually ascend with minimal G-forces to the stratosphere.

From this perch above the sky, passengers will get unique views of the curvature of Earth and the vastness of space.

That’s the plan, at least. To make it a reality, Halo is currently putting the tech through extensive trials.

Five test flights have been completed so far. The next one is scheduled for June in Saudi Arabia — the first outside the startup’s home country of Spain.

The new capsule design is another step towards a commercial launch. It attempts to blend breathtaking views with comfort, style, and safety.

“Passengers will spend up to six hours inside our spaceship, and we want every minute to be unforgettable,” Carlos Mira, CEO of Halo Space, said in a statement.