Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Bride of Frankenstein movie gets a shorter name and a new cast member. Get a look at not one, but two young vampire movies. Milla Jovovich has signed up for Brad Anderson’s new sci-fi thriller. Plus, what’s coming on Invincible. Spoilers, away!

Mission: Impossible 8

Deadline reports Katy O’Brien (Loves Lives Bleeding, The Mandalorian) has joined the cast of Mission: Impossible 8 in a currently undisclosed role.

The Bride!

Deadline also reports Julianne Hough has joined the cast of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Bride of Frankenstein movie—now titled “The Bride!” with an exclamation point. Though details on her character are currently under wraps, a new synopsis states the film “sees a lonely Frankenstein travel to 1930s Chicago to seek the aide of a Dr. Euphronius in creating a companion for himself. The two reinvigorate a murdered young woman and the Bride is born. She is beyond what either of them intended, igniting a combustible romance, the attention of the police and a wild and radical social movement.”

Primitive War

Deadline additionally reports Jeremy Piven, Tricia Helfer, Ryan Kwanten, Nick Wechsler, Anthony Ingruber, Aaron Glenane, Carlos Sanson Jr, Ana Thu Nguyen, Adolphus Waylee, Richard Brancatisano, Marcus Johnson and Jake Ryan will star in Primitive War, an adaptation of Ethan Pettus’ military sci-fi/horror novel from director Luke Sparke. The story concerns “an elite recon unit known as the Vulture Squad, who, in 1968, at the height of the Vietnam War that is sent to an isolated jungle valley to uncover the fate of a missing Green Beret platoon. They soon discover they are not alone. Dinosaurs have been let loose in the jungles.”

World Breaker

Deadline also has word Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans and Billie Boullet are attached to star in World Breaker, a sci-fi survival thriller from director Brad Anderson set in which “a tear in the fabric of reality brought creatures to our world from an alternate dimension bent on our destruction. A father hides his daughter on an island to keep her safe while he prepares her for survival and the battles to come. But when the world is about to break, no place is safe.”

Wolf Night

According to Deadline, Screen Gems has acquired Wolf Night, a pitch package from Platinum Dunes concerning werewolves. Though details on the plot are currently under wraps, the script hails from Will Honley and April Maguire. Jonathan Liebesman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is attached to direct.


Bloody-Disgusting reports the Nicolas Cage monster movie, Arcadian, has been rated “R” for “bloody images.”


Elsewhere, Kathryn Newton shows off a swimming pool full of bodies in a new set video from Abigail. 

🩸Take a BTS Tour of the ABIGAIL set with Kathryn Newton 🩸

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

Meanwhile, a teenage vampire has qualms about sucking the blood of innocents in the trailer for Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person.

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person – Official Trailer

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

During a recent interview with Variety, Jonathan Frakes described an upcoming episode of Strange New Worlds “framed as a Hollywood murder mystery” as “the best episode of television [he’s] ever done.”


Invincible battles a sea monster in the trailer for tomorrow’s new episode.

Fright Krewe

Finally, Belial sends the Kooshma to terrorize Soleil in a clip from the second season of Fright Krewe, available to stream on Peacock and Hulu this Friday.

Kooshma & Belial | Fright Krewe

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