Sydney Sweeney addressed a list of rumors about her in her Saturday Night Live monologue, from her mom’s Trump-themed birthday party to the TikTokker who is claiming to be her nutritionist (she’s not). Don’t worry, she also included a Madame Web dig in there.

But most importantly, she tackled the accusation that she had a workplace affair with her Anyone But You costar Glen Powell. After she said that “the craziest rumor” she’d seen about herself was “that while I was filming Anyone But You I was having an affair with my costar Glen Powell,” there was an awkward silence from the audience — proving the impact of the gossip.

Sweeney went on to declare, “That’s obviously not true,” and gushed about her fiancé who co-produced the film with her. But in a final gag, when it came time to pan to her fiancé in the audience, it was none other than a beaming Powell.

“That’s not my fiancé!” she said, “He’s in my dressing room backstage!”

That wasn’t the only time Powell showed up to poke fun at the girlfriend-stealing allegations in the episode.

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