When Marvel’s mutant-filled film Deadpool 3 hits theaters in July, we’re confident it’ll be great. However, no matter how amazing that massive film ends up being, we’re going to bet director Thomas Cailley’s new film, The Animal Kingdom, ends up being the best mutant movie of the year. It’s out in March and io9 has your exclusive look at its brand new trailer.

In the film, a world much like our own begins to see mysterious mutations. Humans just start becoming various animals. This happens to a woman and, when she goes missing, her husband and son go after her. And trust us, that’s just the start. Here’s the exclusive new trailer, with a few quotes from a site you might recognize.

The Animal Kingdom Imagines a World of Humans Turning Into Animals

The Animal Kingdom Imagines a World of Humans Turning Into Animals

Now, you may be wondering how we can be so sure this movie, which isn’t out until March 15, is so good. Well, we saw it last year at Fantastic Fest and simply raved about it, hence those quotes in the trailer. Read the full review at that link but here’s a quick sample.

If The Animal Kingdom was an average movie, you could figure out the whole story from just the premise. It’s a film about a world where humans have begun to mutate into animals. So, of course, it’s got to be about how most humans hate these mutants, treat them terribly, and we get to see how a small group of them change people’s minds. Roll credits. Right?

Except, The Animal Kingdom is not an average movie. It’s a fantastic movie, a magical movie, and it takes that familiar but exciting premise and explores it in a very nuanced way. The expected is in there, but only on the outskirts, surrounding the core story of how a single family is dealing with this epic global change. The result is an incredibly emotional, uplifting, and well-made movie that will stay with you long after you’ve left the theater.

Co-written and directed by Thomas Cailley, The Animal Kingdom comes to theaters and VOD March 15. It stars Romain Duris, Paul Kircher, and Adèle Exarchopoulos. What did you think of the trailer?

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