Image: Hasbro

Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire trilogy is, even now, still the definitive Star Wars text to many people beyond the films—one that we still see the reach and influence of to this very day, considering Disney and Lucasfilm are setting the stage to adapt its events once again. But it’s also a frequently unhinged text, an aspect that is now being celebrated in Hasbro’s latest action figures.

Today, as the last part of its offerings for the villain-themed “Imperial March” series of product reveals, Hasbro offered a first look at a new four-pack based around the comic book adaptation final novel in Zahn’s trilogy, The Last Command. Depicting the climax at Mount Tantiss where—deep breath—the clone of the insane former Jedi Master Jorus C’Boath, Joruus C’Boath, pits his dark apprentice, the clone Luuke Skywalker, against Luke and Mara Jade, the set marks the first time Hasbro has made figures of either Joruus or Luuke in its 6″ Black Series line.

It’s a very clever set—reusing the recent Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker and a re-release of the recent Mara Jade figure (with an added head option), the set also naturally gets to reuse elements of other action figures combined with new elements to create Joruus and Luuke. But it’s also an insane one, not just for the context of it all, but for the simple fact we’ve now reached a point in Hasbro’s Star Wars line where it’s feasible.

Click through to see more pictures of Luke, Luuke, Mara, and Joruus—as well as a few more more action figures rounding out the “Imperial March” celebrations—the Last Command pack will go live for preorder on Hasbro Pulse tomorrow, March 27, for $100, ahead of a summer release, before becoming available at the Disney Store and in Disney’s parks at a later date.

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