After nearly a year of testing, Twitch’s new TikTok-style discovery feed will finally roll out to all users later this month. During a Patch Notes livestream on Wednesday, Twitch announced the new feed that will let you scroll through separate feeds dedicated to clips and current livestreams.

The new discovery feed will launch as a tab within the mobile app, and next month, some users might see this feed as the homepage of their mobile app. Twitch says all livestreams and clips are eligible to appear in its discovery feed as long as they meet its content guidelines.

When scrolling through the live feed, you’ll find live content from creators you follow, as well as streams recommended by Twitch. If you find something you like, you can tap the creator’s avatar to enter theater mode and interact with the livestream.

The clips stream, on the other hand, lets you view a feed filled with shortform videos taken from Twitch livestreams. Twitch will display when a creator is live, allowing you to tune in if you want to see more. The feed won’t let you escape from ads, however; as product manager Jess Sung said during the Patch Notes stream, they’ll appear within the feed. You can still scroll past them, “so they won’t force you to pause your viewing or scrolling experience,” Sung said.

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