NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang ruffled some feathers when, in a candid conversation, explained that the US is at least 10-20 years away from becoming an independent chipmaker, and stop relying on Taiwanese and Chinese tech companies

NVIDIA President, Jensen Huang, acknowledged at The New York Times’ DealBook conference in New York that the United States is likely two decades away from achieving self-sufficiency in chip-making, dispelling hopes for a more immediate break from overseas dependence.

Huang highlighted the intricate global supply chain upon which his company relies, spanning various components from different regions, including Taiwan, a critical hub for chip manufacturing.

Huang stated, “We are somewhere between a decade and two decades away from supply chain independence,” emphasizing the impracticality of achieving such independence in the short term.

This perspective contrasts with the Biden administration’s goal of bolstering domestic chip manufacturing, with bipartisan legislation and efforts to attract major semiconductor companies to expand operations in the US

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), NVIDIA’s primary manufacturing partner, is among the companies planning to enhance operations in the US Other major players like Samsung Electronics and Intel are also pursuing expansion plans.

The global push for more localized manufacturing is part of a broader trend to address vulnerabilities created by decades of globalization and concentration of production in specific regions, such as Taiwan and South Korea.

Despite export restrictions imposed by the US government, Huang reaffirmed NVIDIA’s commitment to China, emphasizing its status as the largest market for chips.

NVIDIA has been navigating restrictions on selling its most powerful artificial intelligence processors to China, but Huang stated that the company is developing products that comply with regulations to continue its presence in the Chinese market.

Huang also warned of unintended consequences arising from such export restrictions, pointing out that approximately 50 Chinese companies are actively developing technologies that could compete with NVIDIA’s offerings.

Balancing the pursuit of business opportunities with national security considerations remains a challenge for companies in the semiconductor industry amid evolving geopolitical dynamics.

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