Volvo has invested in Breathe Battery Technologies and plans to install the UK startup’s software in all of its next-gen EVs.

Devices that use lithium-ion battery packs, from smartphones to cars, are typically designed to limit their power intake during charging. This is to protect the battery cells from overheating. However, it also reduces charging speed.

Breathe’s so-called adaptive charging software offers a workaround. It controls the battery and monitors its health in real-time, allowing devices, including EVs, to charge at full-power when safe. It does this while minimising the risk of damage to the battery cells. 

The result is a 15-30% increase in an EV’s charging time, says the startup. These improvements are expected to last across the entire lifespan of the battery.

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Breathe’s software is already installed in 27 models of OPPO smartphones, and now it’s looking to bring the benefits of faster charging to the automotive industry. 

the founders of breathe battery technologies