A crop of new art by Doaly.
Image: Marvel/Doaly

Are you excited for Deadpool & Wolverine? Us too. The highly anticipated third Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is coming this summer and could potentially blow the roof off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its hard R-rating and multiversal connections.

So that’s Deadpool & Wolverine, the movie, in theaters July 26. There’s also Deadpool and Wolverine, the Marvel Comics characters, and they feature prominently on this gorgeous officially licensed art by Doaly that’s now on sale at MoorArtGallery.com.

Image for article titled We Love This Deadpool and Wolverine Art, But It’s Not Deadpool & Wolverine Art

Image: Marvel/Doaly

This piece is actually called Deadpool vs. Wolverine, which is a smart way to distinguish it from the movie. But also, it’s not a coincidence that it’s being released around the same time, and Deadpool himself would approve of the crossover. Plus, in the piece, we get the cheeky twist of it being Deadpool saying Wolverine’s trademark sound. So is it Deadpool who has the claws or Wolverine? It’s art, whatever you say goes.

So no, this isn’t a Deadpool & Wolverine poster. But it’s a Deadpool and Wolverine poster. Which is kind of the same. Same characters, different syntax. The piece is a 16 x 24 inch giclée with an embossed seal that comes with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity. It’s a limited edition of $250 and costs about $70. Get all the details over at MoorArtGallery.com.

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