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This weekend, and the month of February, began on a down note with the news of Carl Weathers’ passing. The 76-year-old athlete-turned-actor has been in Hollywood for decades, and like the late Lance Reddick, has been one of those actors you’re glad to see pop up in things.

While perhaps best known as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies or that lovable son of a bitch Dillon in the original Predator, Weathers had a wide range of roles throughout his career. His first significant roles were with the 1975 blaxploitation films Bucktown and Friday Foster, and his career from then up to the 90s were action-oriented: works like Action Jackson, Force 10 From Navarone, and the TV series Street Justice showed off his physical chops and how in shape he was.

It wouldn’t be until 2004 that Weathers got to flex his comedy muscles by appearing in Arrested Development as a version of himself that’s a complete cheapskate. (Per creator Mitch Hurwitz in 2013, that all came from Weathers himself, who agreed to be on the show so long as it wasn’t just Rocky references.) Those appearances gave his career a bit of a boost, in turn leading to him being in Toy Story 3, Regular Show, and led to him appearing in Regular Show and the Toy Story films, and eventually The Mandalorian as Mando’s reliable BFF Greef Carga.

After his pasing, Weathers’ co-stars and friends posted their own tributes about him online. For this weekend’s Open Channel, we want to know some of your favorite performances from the late actor throughout his storied career.

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